Why you should book your next corporate event at Shellys

The perfect corporate event would take a lot of serious effort and planning for it to become successful. Whether you are a professional event planner or just a person who got stuck with the task of planning an event for the company you are working at, you have to remember that planning corporate events will always lead you to experience tricky attempts in ensuring that you are able to cover every detail needed in your event. This is the reason why as an event planner, you just have to be able to ask one important question first before you start making attempts and putting so much effort in working out the details of the event that you will be carrying out. Simply ask yourself: “What could be the perfect place where you could have the most hassle-free and successful corporate event?” Well, what is that perfect place?

That perfect place is Shelly’s Beach Pavilion. Talk about fancy dining, luscious cocktails, and beautiful scenery; Shelly’s Beach Pavilion is a premier beachfront restaurant designed to have the most ideal lounges, function rooms for parties and events, and a dining area with an open deck overlooking the scintillating blue waterways. Corporate events such as business dinners, networking events, theme parties, VIP events, shareholder meetings, board meetings, and others, are normally held at conference halls, facilities, and centres, and well, let’s admit, these venues are inarguably dull and uninteresting. Apparently, to a noticeable degree, these venues appear to be traditional venues where business events are often held. Without a question, it’s time for a change. It’s about time that corporate events are finally being held in a place where you could feel less boring, tense, tight, and stiff— a place so peaceful and just breathtaking where you and your guests could be productive and efficient in discussing work but at the same time, where all of you could also have a good time.

business people drinking wine

Take pleasure and satisfaction not only in the food being served, but also in the unique, good, and relaxing ambiance that Shelly’s Beach Pavilion brings about! For one, dining with your officemates at communal tables on the deck where you could have an astonishing view of the bay is already enough to refresh one’s soul and stimulate one’s mind to work effectively and efficiently. Second, the restaurant menu is, indeed, tailored to people of all ages and created to satisfy the cravings of everyone. The creations of Head Chef Steve Jang are just highly pleasing and delightsome! His international experience truly reflects his signature style of “seasonal produce, cooked on the bone, and in the shell whenever possible”. Finally, at Shelly’s, you’ll just feel at home. You will unquestionably be captured in the charming, stylish, and unique setting of this place. When you’re at Shelly’s Beach Pavilion, you’ll the grasp the true meaning of the words “award winning”, “premier”, and “exquisite”.

At Shelly’s, the function rooms are set up to suit any kind of corporate event, may it be simple or grand. Sumptuous dishes will be offered for your event which your invited guests will surely enjoy. At Shelly’s, the most dedicated, persistent, and eager team has the goal of making arrangements always easy for you. With excellent function rooms, delectable dishes, the most relaxing view, and accommodating staff, expect nothing but perfection on your corporate event.

So ask yourself, “What could be the perfect place where you could have the most hassle-free and successful corporate event?” Swing aboard this place, and you’ll understand why this is definitely the perfect place to set your corporate event. Swing aboard Shelly’s and everything else will follow; a perfect corporate event is surely waiting to happen to you.