A beautiful Engagement Party by the beach

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A confession of marriage between two people is probably one of the best events of one’s life. It is already one step closer to living a life together in happiness and love. Being one memorable event, it is only fitting that it should be celebrated and be announced to everyone you both love and care about. Of course, you would want this special celebration to be remembered even after your wedding. From the venue to the food, it should all be perfect. You can settle for a simple one but a more romantic, enjoyable and overall memorable engagement party is what you should aim for.

At Shelley’s Beach Pavillion in Williamstown, Melbourne, all of these are offered. With a very romantic and stunning beach front view venue, this would give your celebration a more dramatic touch. They also offer wedding functions, too! Also, Shelley’s offer the best quality foods and accommodation that would suit both your needs and budget.

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