The best meals to have in winter

Winter can be the most gruelling season one can ever experience. The days are cold and wet and you can’t go outside without wearing several layers of clothing. That is why people seek comfort and warmth with food during this lonely season. There is no greater way for families to bond more than sharing the love for good food.

During the winter, people prefer to eat foods that are rich, savory and warm. Any kinds of food that has been roasted, stewed or boiled will be much preferred. People particularly enjoy food with caramelized vegetables or meat that is falling off the bone. Basically, anything that is sustaining and will provide nutrients for your emotional and physical well-being. Here’s a list of dishes that are good for winter feasting:

Oven-roasted Spatchcock

Food with Omega-3 fatty acids or “good fats” can help you beat the winter blues. It is an essential fatty acid that will help your body metabolize well especially during the winter season when it is easier to lounge around rather than move.

Chicken is one of the poultry products rich in Omega-3. Oven-roasted chicken will ensure that the nutrients remain in the meat. Add potatoes, fresh rosemary and loads of garlic. This is a dish that will sustain you through the cold winter months. It is also available when you dine at Shellys in Melbourne, Australia. Shelly’s Beachfront Pavilion is a premiere beachfront destination for lavish dining and exquisite scenery.

roasted chicken from shellys


This classic kids’ favorite is actually a winter staple. The rich texture of cheese and cream will surely be a winter hit for all ages. It is relatively easy to make. You just need flour, cheese, cream and butter. But if you want to make mac and cheese wuth a twist, you can add spring onions and bacon.

mac and cheese

Beef Stew with Vegetables

Sure to be a hit with your guests during celebrations, this traditional dish can provide nourishment during the winter season. People particularly love this food because of the generous servings of meat mixed with the rich and savory sauce from the beef broth, tomato sauce, potatoes and carrots. To add a hint of spice, you can put oregano and bay leaves.

plate of beef and vegetable stew

French Onion Soup

Winter would not be complete without a healthy soup dish and one that is relatively easy to make is the French onion soup. It is based on meat stock and onions and is usually served with croutons and cheese gratin on top. The combination of warm onion soup and gooey cheese will fill your stomachs with delight. To add thickness, you can opt to put milk and thicken it with egg and flour. For the gratineed version, the bread or crouton on top is usually baked with cheese. Nowadays, French onion soup is popular across the globe and not just in Europe.

cup of french onion soup

Baked Pistachio Lemon Salmon

Another winter dish you can whip up or eat outside is the Baked Pistachio Lemon Salmon. Salmon is also a great source of Omega-3. That is why it is a popular recommendation from nutritionists and dieticians. To prepare the dish, you will need salmon fillet, pistachio, fresh lemon juice, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Chop or crush the nuts, spread it in the salmon fillet. Prepare the rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl. Dip the salmon fillet and voila, you are ready to bake it. This dish can easily be a family tradition to pass onto several generations.
Now all you have to do is stock up your fridge with the essential ingredients for your winter survival.

baked salmon meal