What Makes A Great Restaurant

You pay a restaurant not just for the food that you eat, you pay the restaurant for their good and relaxing ambiance, the things that you see on their wall, the music that they play while you are enjoying a splendid meal and the like. You pay the restaurant to be a good and great one; and what makes a restaurant a great place to eat? Is it the food that they serve? The people who serve? The price of the items they serve? What?
There are many factors in considering a good restaurant.


If you are looking for the best restaurant, then you should get your paper and list these things on your checklist:

Quality of Food

This is the most important factor for a good restaurant —the quality of the thing that they are selling: food. This is easy for people to determine if the food that is being served at a restaurant is good, though there are some people who have more sophisticated taste when it comes to food to the point that just by tasting the served food, they already know the ingredients used in cooking them.


First and foremost, the quality of food is based on its taste: is the food too brackish? Is it sour? Bitter? Or is it just right to be enjoyed

Texture & Feel

For example, you are served a veggie salad, are your vegetables crispy? Or are they mushy? If the texture of the food is not that good, then it’s a bad sign.

Taste and Texture are only two of the components that make a restaurant food a great one.

Restaurant Service

This is also an important aspect to look for in a great restaurant. The fact that you are in a restaurant means someone will cook for you, will serve the food for you and will take care of you if you need something, if the people or the staff in the restaurant cannot do their jobs properly, then they (or the restaurant) is not worth paying for.

This aspect commonly comes down to whoever is serving you. Is the server kind or gentle? Is he courteous? Does he treat his customers with respect? Is he prompt when you are asking for something?

Another thing to look out for is how the server communicates with the customer well? Or does he/she know the things that you are ordering? Are they informed of the ingredients that are used to cook the food you want? If the food server that you are talking to doesn’t even want to say a word to you, then they are not giving a good service.

The Ambiance and good vibes

The things that have an effect on the restaurant’s ambiance are the following:

    • Wall decors
    • Fixtures
    • Sounds
    • Lights
    • Smell
    • Food presentation

    There is always that something that makes a person love the restaurant, and that’s not the food, that is the ambiance and/or the feel of the restaurant. Is your fine-dining restaurant playing the correct music? Or does the restaurant have paintings on the wall? Ambiance is important because even if the food is served great and taste delicious, the appetite of the person who’s going to eat will be ruined because of bad sights and bad sounds.

    The Cleanliness of the restaurant

    This aspect is tremendously important in making a great restaurant. People regard a dirty restaurant as a place where dirty food are being served, a place full of germs, infections and disease. If workers do not wash their hands and serve you with dirt, would you dare eat the food, especially if the restaurant is a high-end one? Or do you see cockroaches, flies and rodents roaming around the place while you are eating? If so, you are eating at an unclean restaurant.