Still a beautiful beach restaurant in winter

Winter is a quiet and peaceful time at the beach in Melbourne. All the seasonal shops are closed for renovation as well as many of the restaurants. There is still enough open to meet most needs.

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We all have our standard favorite restaurants that we can’t wait to visit every summer during vacation. But during winter, some of those restaurants may be close for the season, but many more will remain open albeit with a winter hour schedule. Taking a winter beach vacation offers a lot to visitors, including mild temperatures and fewer crowds or costumers. Winter beach vacations mean lower rates, which results of having more fun. Because hotels are looking to fill rooms during the off season, you can find some real bargains when vacationing during winter. This means you can save on accommodations, and put those savings toward visiting local attractions or trying a new activity like deep-sea fishing.

There are many beach restaurants to choose from during winter season that are open for business. One is the Bahama Bob’s, a tiny beachfront restaurant located at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Another is the Nolan’s Restaurant & Lounge (great steak), and Fisher’s, which is actually two restaurants in one location. You may find a new favorite to add to your must-visit list when you return in warmer weather. Another is the amazing beach restaurant wherein you can have an amazing view of the Williamstown Beach. It’s one of the best in Williamstown and the Melbourne region. It’s none other than the Shelly’s Beach Pavilion.

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This is the place to be for any occasion, event or function. This remarkable as well as fine restaurant offers great and exceptional service for you to enjoy your winter escapade. And during winter time, Shelly’s Beach Pavilion offers deals that work for you too. Not only can you find out special rates for accommodations, you also can search for deals on attractions, pampering, food, dining and more. They serve delicious foods from breakfast meals to snacks and dinner, plus there are cocktails and different kinds of drinks to choose from. They’ve got friendly staff, too. You can also book your private events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or even business meeting in an exclusive function rooms where you are sure to have the best memories of your life. Melbourne’s famous beachfront restaurant SHELLY’S BEACH PAVILION is the final destination for lavish dining, boutique cocktails and exquisite scenery. This building is redesigned and transformed into an intimate lounge perfect for cocktails, functions room for parties and events, and a dining area with open deck overlooking the sparkling blue waterways. The award winning cuisine is created from a seasonal menu to provide their customers with the freshest dining experience. Remember to put this restaurant on your list of restaurants to go to because you will surely won’t regret it.

For a one-stop shop of information for planning your winter vacation, explore the internet. Spend a little time with it, and you’ll be planning your winter beach vacation in no time!