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The global energy crisis is in effect at present. The crisis is concerned with the rising demand of energy and the limited amount of natural resources that is rapidly deteriorating. Fossil fuels and other natural resources have been formed by decomposition of dead organisms that contain energy and this process takes thousands of years. Replenishing these fuels at present is nearly impossible and hence the world needs to turn to renewable energy if to meet energy demands and also ensure the sustainability of Mother Nature. The energy crisis is caused by certain factors as follows.


Overconsumption is a global problem not simply in terms of fossil fuels but also any other natural resource. Our economies are highly industrialized and hence to run these industries, energy is the main requirement. These major industries hardly think of the environment and simply exploit all natural resources and also will release harmful wastage that will then pollute our environment. There are policies brought up by governments to encourage these industries to go for renewable energy sources such as solar system Adelaide, geothermal power, wind power etc.


As the population grows, their needs and wants grow and they will require goods and services to fulfill those needs and wants. No matter what sort of products you use; be it organic or industrial, they were most probably made by draining out natural resources. The dynamics of the population will also affect energy consumption. As urbanization rapidly grows, and people’s income levels increase, their requirements will also change and this will create a demand for higher energy.

Poor Infrastructure

Inefficient machinery and equipment can bring drastic results with regard to energy consumption. Such poorly maintained machinery that works on older, outdated technology take up more energy than usual. This is the case in both energy production plants and other industrial plants that use this energy. It is the responsibility of the necessary authorities to update all equipment to ensure they are in good condition.

Wastage Of Energy

This happens in every household, every school, every corporate and every factory. Conserving energy has become a topic limited to books, seminars and newspaper articles; no one is ready to take a step towards conserving energy. This needs to happen from the grassroots level. If every household switched off lights and fans when unnecessary, made maximum use of sunlight, used CFL bulbs, if every corporation used energy efficient air conditioners and every factory used updated machinery, energy will not be wasted. Such ideologies need to be inculcated in children from a young age since they will be the future of the world.



Accidents And Natural Disasters

Floods, earthquakes, droughts, tornados etc. can hinder the supply of energy. For example, during extremely hot summers, people will be using more air conditioning. However, due to lack of rain there may not be adequate water in dams to supply hydropower. This will create a power outage that will affect the entire area. Also, such energy outages will increase energy prices due to the low supply.

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