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Among the stress and grief of planning a funeral, sometimes you may find buying funeral products stressful or would not know how to choose the right product for you. Take a look at the following list to find out how to do choose the right item for funeral to honour your loved one’s wishes.


If you are planning to bury the body of the deceased, the then you will need to buy a casket for the burial. You will be able to find many types of caskets; different sizes, designs, and prices. This will make it easier for you to choose a one that will not exceed your budget. You can also get a personalized casket done if you wish. There are both metal as well wooden casket so you will also have the choice of picking a material you prefer. Metal caskets are known for their durability. If you are buying a casket for cremation remember that the casket has to be fully combustible and leak proof.

Cremation Urns

If you are planning on cremation as the last rites for the deceased, you need to buy a creation urn for the purpose of hiding the ashes until they are scattered. Urns too come in a verity of materials; marble, wood, or metals such as bronze or steel. An added advantage is that urns can be personalised with family crests, emblems, military medallions etc. Most families choose to keep a portion of ashes after ceremony and the funeral services. If you wish to do the same, you can buy a keepsake urn or a token urn. There are specially designed urns that are slightly more decorative to be displayed at home.

Burial Vaults

Burial vaults are sophisticated structures that are often made of concrete and lined with either plastic or metal. They are used to place the casket in for the burial. Their purpose is to support the soil, it protects the casket from the weight of the soil and heavy equipment that would pass over the grave. It would also protect the casket from water. If the body is to be buried at a mausoleum, there is no need for a burial vault. But burial vaults are required when you are choosing to bury at a grave to keep the soil away from the casket.

Grave Markers

Shopping for a grave marker can be a bit difficult. Most cemeteries have rules and regulations relating to the size of headstones, their materials, etc. So before you shop, you will need to check with the cemetery and know all these rules and any restrictions if there are any. The most common materials used to make grave markers are granite and bronze. Both are known for their durability. You can choose a material you prefer after checking with your cemetery. The last thing to do after selecting your grave marker is personalizing it. You can add a photo, a quotation or even an illustration to remember your loved one.

These are some of the most essential items you need to check before the funeral service. Make sure you give them a lot of thought before you purchase them so that you buy the item that really helps you to plan the final rites as wished by the deceased.

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