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Balustrades are a type of fencing that can add a touch of finesse to a set of stairs or balconies. Fencing is also something that is really important when it comes to safety concerns. In some states in Australia such as in Queensland for example, there is a strict requirement in terms of the construction as well as the designing of balustrades. These are also available in a range of different materials and each of these will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most commonly used balustrade types and what you should know about all of them.

Wrought Iron

These are really a very stylish way of providing security to an open space like a terrace or a balcony or even a deck for that matter. It can be completed in many different colours and they can also be customized according to your specifications. Wrought iron is actually a very strong a very resilient material and unlike in the case of aluminium and timber both of which can rot or rust the wrought iron is something that is much more resilient in the face of the elements.


These will offer you a much more classic and contemporary look as well as make way for uninterrupted views. They are also rather comparatively safe if they are made from toughened and tempered glass and if you make sure that children will not be able to climb on them. If you live in a hilly or coastal area where the wind gets chilly, these will be able to create a small barrier making for a warm and cosy area. If you want to choose one of these you should look for professional glass balustrade installers in Melbourne or in any other location depending upon where you are living. Usually these will be created from a series of panels of glass. These can be either semi framed or full framed and the glass itself can be either clear or opaque and plain, etched, or even frosted and tinted. They can be framed and supported by many materials like metal and wood for example.


If you would like to capture a more classic and traditional look, you may want to start thinking about wooden balustrades. These can also be painted and stained according to a colour of your choosing. These can be carved and turned or they can be left as a sleek design. It all really depends on the style of balustrading that you are looking for and the overall look that you are going for.

Stainless Steel

There is another very popular material that you can choose and one that appeals to modern appeal. The stainless steel balustrade can actually complete this look for you and can work well with a range of other building materials including even glass and wood. They also give out a very timeless appearance and can be installed either inside or outside the building. They can also come with a variety of coatings that you can choose from. They can also give you the chance to install handrails and they can be combined with glass for a more contemporary feel.

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