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There are different types of heating systems that are used in every home. Most of these share the same components with the cooling system too. The main goal of a heating system is simple. It is to create heat energy from a certain fuel source and circulate it all over the house to make it warmer and more comfortable during the cold seasons.

There are a variety of options to choose from as a fuel source for a home heating system. It could be natural gas, electricity, propane and a lot more. In other cases, some homes even have more than one heating system. Here are the different types of home heating systems to help you weigh in the options you have for your home.

Forced Air Heating System

The forced air system is the type of heating system commonly used among American households. It has a furnace which heats the air and a blower fan that transports the warm air all throughout the house through a network of air ducts. Another network of ducts takes in the cold air back into the furnace to be heated and redistributed again.

This type of heating system can use either gas or electricity as fuel for the furnace. The gas type is the most efficient since it cost lesser and provides warmer air unlike the electricity powered ones. Hire the experts when it comes to gas heater installation in Melbourne to setup the best heating system for your home.

Radiant In-Floor Heating System

In-floor heating is one of the modern home heating systems you can apply in your home. Unlike the forced air heating system that blows heated are all throughout the house, the in-floor system uses hot water tubing installed into the floor. Instead of heating only the air, it heats other materials such as the floor and furniture.

It takes a longer time to heat up your home with this type of heating system but it surely provides consistent radiant heat for your home. The central boiler can be fuelled by electricity, propane and even natural gas. With many fuel options, you can definitely choose one that suits your home.

Heat Pump Heating System

Another modern way of home heating system is the heat pump. In this setup, an outdoor compressor draws heat from the outside and brings it inside the house through an indoor air handler. Other models of it get the heat from a ground or water source instead of the outdoor air itself. This type of system is reversible and can be also used as a home cooling system during warmer months. However, the heat pump heating system only works best on mild climates and is not suited for extreme winter and summer seasons.

These are just few of the most commonly used heating systems at home. With so many options to choose from, be sure to pick the best one that suits your needs and your home for an energy efficient home heating system.

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