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A conference room is a must in every company. This room must be included in all the essential spaces of a building and or establishment for corporate companies for this is a place where you and your team could come up with innovative ideas. A place where you could plan products and services launches and where you could discuss it privately.

Since conference rooms are important, you have to make sure as well that the conference room you have is well-equipped, even more, if you are renting one to ensure that the very important meeting you are preparing for would go without a hitch.

Wi-Fi Ready

Since we are technologically advanced, we could function that much now without wi-fi. Everything is mostly digital and online. The conference room needs to be wi-fi ready since there would be documents that need to be shared with all the attendees or there is a presentation that needs to be shown. Browsing and or surfing the net is also essential during meetings since there could be data and information that needs to be double-checked.

Video Conferencing System

For multinational and blue-chip companies, a conference room with a video conferencing system is also necessary since the meeting might involve employees from a remote and overseas location. This is a wise decision instead of flying people to attend the meeting. If you are looking for a boardroom hire Geelong, opt for one with a video conferencing system.

This will give you flexibility during meetings if in case you need to talk to someone who is not physically present. At least, you would not have to postpone the meeting to have that person with you during the meeting and all-important issues are resolved immediately.

Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangements in a conference room is different from the usual workspaces so this should be one of the facilities that you need to focus on since it’s a factor that could contribute to your meeting being successful or not. Seating arrangements for conference rooms are usually arranged U-shape, classroom style, hollow square, etc.

Depending on the number of attendees and the nature of the meeting, it would be easier for you to select which arrangement would work. If someone would be the main speaker the entire meeting, the classroom style is your best bet. But if it would be more of a collaboration where it is encouraged that everyone shares their ideas, the U-shape is better.


Meetings could last for hours and the need to replenish the attendees’ strength with foods and drinks is important. A conference room need not have its own pantry or tea room but it should have the convenience for it. A place where an electric kettle could be plugged in with cups and saucers could suffice. A small refrigerator is also ideal to keep bottles of water and juices perfectly chilled.

A conference room needs to be after the attendees’ comfort because the hours spent here is not only crucial, it could also be gruelling. When everyone is comfortable, the meeting would be more rewarding.


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