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Wearing almost the same set of clothes to work might seem boring later on. However, you can actually spice up your office wear by pairing it with the right kind of footwear. Not all types of footwear are suited in the office. For instance, wearing casual flat sandals are a no-no since they won’t look good with corporate attire. Maintaining a professional image is important at the workplace and this goes with the kind of footwear you use too. Here are some quick tips that could help you buy the right shoes for office.


Comfort is the top factor you should consider when buying shoes – whether it is for work, casual or special occasions. You’ll be wearing your office shoes for almost 8 hours a day that’s why it is really important that you choose comfortable shoes for women. Pick one that fits perfectly – with at least a thumb’s space for allowance in movement. The right size helps avoid blisters, shoe bites and other foot discomfort. Cushioning is also important since it protects your foot from strain, especially when wearing heeled ones.


Heel Type

When choosing office footwear, it is recommended that you go for non-heeled ones. However, if you want more elegance to your office wear, 2 to 3 inches are the ideal heel height. This heel height is still comfortable even when worn for a whole day at the office and is just right to give your outfit a polished look. If you’re looking for more comfortable heels, go for wedges instead since its design balances the pressure all over your foot.


Having 2 to 3 pairs of office footwear is already a great investment. However, be sure to have different types in order to have something that will surely suit no matter what outfit you wear. For instance, invest in a mix of wedge heels, kitten heels, oxfords and flats to have a variety of options. Just keep in mind that the lesser heel height it has, the more comfortable it will be for daily use.

Details and Design

Aside from those 3 factors mentioned above, there are still a few details and design considerations when buying office shoes. Don’t go always for cheaper ones as you might be sacrificing the quality of your footwear. Be sure to pick one that provides the best support for your feet – firm middle sole, spacious at the toe end, and cushioned for more support.

Aside from that, it is best to avoid strappy footwear when you’re planning to wear it the whole day since straps can cause blisters when worn too long. When choosing colours, the best ones for office footwear are the basics – black, white, beige or grey. These colours give a more professional look on your outfit. Also, be sure to pick closed-toe footwear for a corporate vibe.

Choosing office footwear requires careful consideration. Aside from going for high quality and durable ones, be sure to look those factors above for the best office footwear that suit you perfectly.


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