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One of the most problematic sources of waste that can be found today are used tyres. This is also because of the durability of these and the large volumes that they are made in. Having stockpiles of these is actually a rather big health and safety risk as well. for instance, if tyres catch fire, it will be very hard for it to be put out and sometimes, some have been known to burn on for decades. The smoke emitting from these can also be rather toxic. They also provide a perfect home for mosquitoes and other pests that can become a health hazard. so here are some things that you should know about tyre recycling.

The Other Side of The Coin

Just like how tyres are a big source of waste matter worry, they are also one of the most reused materials in the waste world. Rubber, is an extremely dependable material that is durable, high in elasticity and is also strong and flexible in nature. It is also waterproof. Professionals like BSV industrial tyre recycling would be able to help you with the correct reuse of these. It would surprise you to know that almost half of the world production of rubber goes into the making of tyres.

How Can You Decide Between Reuse and Recycle?

There are a few different ways in which tyres that you use can be reused or recycled depending upon what is needed. There are also many laws in place all around the world with regards to this matter. One common way in which these can be reused is to retreat them which essentially increases the duration for which they can be used. Using these as a landfill is also a popular way, up to date of recycling and reusing these.

Because of the fact that these are not biodegradable, governments around the world will encourage for people to recycle these in many different ways. One of the ways that has been approved is to remove the steel bead in the tyre which allows it to be stamped and cut into things like belts and shims. Downsizing of them will also allow for more recycling opportunities.

How Are They Recycled?

Once the rims as well as the weights have been removed from the tyres separately, because they also need to be recycled separately, the tyres will usually be shredded or ground with the help of a shredder. These machines come with powerful blades that will rip the rubber apart and cut it apart into small pieces. Some other components of the tyres like steel and fibre will be sold off as feedstock to be used in other industrial segments.

Now the remainder that is there can be used in many different ways. If it has been decided that it will be used in TDF the material will be sent to be put into an incinerator, kiln boiler or the likes where it will be used for energy generating purposes. There are also uses like rubberized asphalt that can be thought of.

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