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Surpassing your competitors in the market is one of the essential factors for successful online marketing. There are plenty of ways to put your brand name and promote your products over the internet such as content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and a lot more. In the past decade, product listing ads became a popular method of advertising and highlighting products. How does it work exactly? Read along to learn more about the basics of product listing ads.

What Are Product Listing Ads?

Product listing ads is a type of digital marketing campaign that helps increase website traffic, generate leads, promote and highlight specific products or services. It is more specific and concise compared to regular text ads. A product listing ad contains specific product details such as product name, price, store name, product image and a link. These details are what customers look for when choosing products online. They don’t need to read an entire article just to know that product’s specifications making it more preferred by busy shoppers.

Google product listing ads are designed towards products rather than keywords in regular text ads. Product listings can usually be seen above text ads, at the right of text ads, in images and also on shopping tab.

How To Know If You Need Product Listing Ads?

While product listing ads are effective in increasing your revenue, not all businesses need to use this kind of digital marketing strategy. Here are the factors that will help you determine whether you need to use product listings or not.

  • Number of Products – Shops that sell more than 500 products could benefit a lot when using product listings. They get more visibility because they have lots of products that would match the searched keyword.
  • Type of Product Category – Highly competitive products such as shoes and clothing can’t benefit much from product listings, unless you’re running a well-known brand. However, categories such as furniture, tools, and other less competitive items work great with this type of campaign.
  • Budget – Product listing ads require a maintaining budget to be assured that your ads are displayed all throughout the day. Make sure that your product listing is engaging and convincing to turn that prospect into a conversion for good returns.

  • Required Sales Quota – Setting a sales quota is important to be sure that your investment gives profits and doesn’t go to waste. If you find it a little hard to earn profit, try lowering your daily budget for the product listing campaign. Start small, and let it grow slowly once it’s starting to gain profit.
  • Optimize Additional Features – Once you’ve started gaining profit from your PLA campaign, the next thing to do is optimize some features. This could range from making ad groups, selecting featured products and bestsellers, setting price range categories and a lot more.

Apply this great marketing technique to your business to keep up with the competition in the online market and get the most out of your digital media ads.

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