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The very common mistake people in a relationship is seeking assistance when everything’s already too late. Some wait for five years and more before getting counsel. And this stagnant period has already piled up misunderstandings, resentments, and hatefulness which, by then, has already become too powerful and may have resulted in one of the partners giving the relationship up. Counselling is crucial to the sustainability of couples facing doubts in their relationship. And this should not be the last resort. Quarrels can be solved before they transform into bigger challenges. So, the question now is when should you have a therapy session? Here are seven important signs that you and your partner need counselling.

The Same Arguments Keep Repeating Over And Over Again

If you and your partner keep having the same disagreements day in and day out, then it may be time to talk things over. In fact, Relationship counselling can help you and your partner not only understand why the same issues keep coming up, but also how to resolve them.

The Level Of Intimacy Is Dwindling Day By Day

The last time you and your partner kissed, held hands, hugged, and made love are some of the important indicators for the degree of intimacy in your relationship. If you’ve noticed a dwindling level of intimacy for the past periods, then something might be wrong. A counsellor can help you seek out the cause of the physical distance.

Everything Your Partner Does Is Offensive And Wrong

If just about everything your partner does gets on your nerves, then something is definitely not right. One of the greatest indicators are those times when you don’t even care where or who is near when you are having an argument. Seeking help can assist both ends to access the necessary tools to overcome this challenge.

There Is No Trust Present In The Relationship

Trust is of greater value than any other aspect in a healthy relationship. And when its absence takes over, issues and problems are bound to surface. Having a counselling session can assist in the establishment of a new form of trust.

Arguments Over Money And Finances Are Inevitable

If you and your partner constantly argue about money and finances, and can’t get to any agreement whatsoever, then it is time to seek help from the professionals. Though financial matters are common to be argued about, when it becomes intermittent, it becomes toxic and suffocating. Counselling can help get to a resolution.

There Is An Air Of Abandonment And Codependence

Feeling ignored and abandoned by your partner, especially in times of dire need, is a major cause of quarrel. Relationships are a two-way street. If one speaks, the other listens, and vice versa. Couple counselling can help improve how the two ends can meet and communicate effectively.

Thoughts Of Infidelity Become More Frequent

When frequent thoughts of infidelity are not vanquished, strong feelings of cheating will prove to be hard to eradicate with just sheer will power. Counselling can help both parties explore what’s missing in the current setting of the relationship and get to a solution.

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