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One of the main ideas that surround workplaces and companies is that, one must have basic proper etiquettes, good moral standing, and almost no criminal record or criminal case to say the least. Companies often look for individuals who uphold these traits and standards because having an immoral, immodest, or person with a criminal case working for the company, especially with vital role and function for the business, could mean maximum damage and serious repercussions for the company’s sales, policies, and even the company’s image.

With such a conundrum as to how to keep a standard for hired personnel in terms of personal attributes which are really hard to gauge and measure, the corporate world innovated something that is of great utility and is still applied to workplaces around the world, and that is background investigation. If you remembered in your resume or CV you’ve always had a part wherein you list down names of people with high esteem and credentials with their contact details so that people within the human resource department could verify identities and credentials of people aspiring for a job position, which is the reference part.

But even with the main and secondary references some could still do away with lying in terms of identity and skills or even addresses, so companies or employers sometimes resort to background investigations.

Here are some basic steps make a background investigations:

Follow the Digital Footprint

If a person says who he really is, might as well back it up with searching for him or her on the social media platforms, this way you can verify and know in some minute details their personalities, skills,  talents, and even preferences and hobbies. It would be good to know and also follow things that they share over the internet, some behavioural patterns remains consistent all throughout different social media platforms and that’s what would stand out if you are looking for any information

Private Security Companies

You can hire surveillance companies to do the task of checking background information especially if you do not have the ample amount of time and money and other resources to complete the task. What private security companies would do is they will record and document a subject for you, and after that they could do further surveillance if you wish to and then give a comprehensive report back to the company that requests the tasks. So long as the data recovered and gathered are collected in methods that are well within the legal means.

Use the Primary References

The references should not only be used to verify basic information but also peripheral details such as, number of children, schools attended, and can even be asked to verify legal information such as family background and  other political affiliations or civil groups. It would also be good to ask on any hints of interpersonal issues and problems especially with regards to previous workplace behaviour.

At the end of the day it always pays to hire to good applicants because employees are the main resource of every company.

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