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Similar to the changes in design and features of the earphone, the purpose of the piece of tech has also changed throughout the ages, as many manufacturers have taken into consideration the different lifestyles of the of the modern day consumer. Since a healthy and fit lifestyle is often desired by many a consumer, many have tried to merge the recreational activity of listening to music with their active lifestyles. What has come out of such demand is a number of purpose built headphones that are ergonomic and practical in the eyes of the fitness geek. Although numerous, there are 4 particular disciplines in which the piece of tech has become a mainstay.


Running, especially long distance running is often considered to be one of the few disciplines in sport that needs not only endurance and stamina, but also patience. This is because the body goes through the same motion for a very long time, which could make anyone stop because of the longevity of the same motion. Sometimes it could also be the environment that stops the runner, since running in circles for a long period of time does not allow taking the mind of the boredom that seep in. As a result, many runners adapted music into their running routines, so as to distract them from the boredom and to motivate them to push themselves. Initially making rudimentary adjustments to make normal earphones adapt to the sweat and constant motion, headphone manufacturers have come so far, as to produce wireless earbuds to reduce any inconveniences during your workout.


Similar to running, cycling too is a sport of constant motion and can result in boredom, which in turn results in a sub-par workout. Since cyclists do not use much of their arms in their motion, many often utilise normal music players with sweat resistant and durable headphones. Moreover, with many earphones coming with a noise-cancelling feature, many a cyclist could even do indoor training while totally in the zone and without getting distracted.


Personal music in swimming has only come quite recently, as a result of ingenious methods of producing clear music underwater. ‘Cheek bone conductors’, as these are called are types of wireless headphones that do not rest in your ear. These unique headphones rest on your cheek snuggly, which are safely away from any swimming motion. When music is played the parts of the headphone connected to the cheek vibrates in a distinct manner that stimulates the ear bones, thus producing sound. As these headphones are designed for the swimmers in mind, using these headphones for terrestrial sports are not suitable, since the sound emitted comes in a much distorted manner due to the motion of the cheek, since the body goes through a bouncing motion.

Gym Workout

This is where noise-cancelling headphones come into its own. As gym workouts are done indoors and are often static, the body does not go through any rigorous motion, which does not require the level of ruggedness, as opposed to cycling and running headphones. As a result, these headphones can either be ‘on ear’ or ‘in ear’, depending on the preference of the individual. The noise-cancelling feature helps the individual to focus more on their workout and less on the outside world.

In short, earphones have really become a part and parcel of the active life stylist, regardless of the disciplines they partake in. Such are the many uses of the ubiquitous headphones.

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