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So in the past few years, things have become expensive due to which we all have been striving to make ends meets. In times like these people try to take up an extra shift at work or work more hours. But it is also important to understand that there are quite a few things we can do to make extra money on the side

Take Up an Extra Job

This is something that almost everybody does when they want to make some extra cash. But you have to remember that an extra job means that you have to clock in and clock out for another shift. Sometimes this can be really annoying especially on days that you feel sick and do not feel like working. So really be sure to take it up only if you can be available

Sell Services

Although this might sound like a job, and it is but you can really make decent money. Services could be anything from selling tickets, movies, or portable toilets for football games. Most of the companies that sell services usually give 50% in commission to the salesman. So if you think you are a good salesman this could be something of use.

Start an Online Business

Nowadays it has been quite easy to start up an online business with the help of the internet. Although this might not bring you some cash instantaneously, over the long run this can really be a profitable thing. You can start a YouTube channel for a much-targeted audience and focus on growing the channel. As your subscribers and viewership grow you can start your own course or online digital merchandise that you can sell to your subscribers. Provided that you do this properly this can be quite a lucrative thing.

Sell Stuff (That You Don’t Need)

We all have things either lying around in the attic or somewhere deep down in the cupboards that we don’t need. This could be toys that you used to play as kids or a t-shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore. All of these things that are currently useless to you have a value in the real world). You can choose to sell these things either online or have a garage sale and get money for it. I mean these things are currently of no value to you anyway so why not make some money?

Become A Freelancer.

This is a very simple way to make some money on the side with the skills that you possess. Many companies advertise minor projects to be outsourced and done by a freelancer. In other words they do not want to hire a person full time but just want someone to finish their current project. If you do have the expertise in such fields you can do it and make a decent buck.

Drive Around

There are many companies such as Uber which allow one to make money by driving their own car as taxis. So if you do have a vehicle and some extra time lying around, why not Uber for a couple of hours during the day and make some money? Who knows you also might be able to connect with some very influential people when driving you Uber around the city

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