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Every website and web application has information which is relevant to a business or any other personal matter. Having anything on the internet comes with a risk as there is a chance of your personal or business data getting stolen. Therefore, the best way to keep using the internet for convenience and also to ensure the protection of your data, there are a number of steps that you can take.

In this article, we talk about the top essential features of a highly secure website:

Guarantee your website is impenetrable

One of the worst things that can happen to a web site or a web application is it getting hacked. Therefore, before you establish these web-based programs, you must test if they are any vulnerabilities in them that will make hacking of the system easier. Once you have designed these systems, there is no guarantee that the hackers or any other malicious software can’t get through them. Therefore, the best way to get this guarantee that your website or web application isn’t in a vulnerable position is to get web application penetration testing.

Penetration testing is considered an essential tool when it comes to recognizing the vulnerabilities of a website or a web application. With these services, the web application will be tested in terms of improper error handling, broken authorization, broken authentication and injection vulnerabilities by a group of experts.  With this guarantee, you can easily be safe from the threat of cyber-attacks.

The importance of encryption

When providing a web service to your customer base, their personal data must be safely secured. The best way to guarantee this is to through encryption. Let’s start with What Is Encryption? It is a process through which data is encoded so that unauthorized users will not have any access to it. Once you have encrypted the website or the application, the data that is stored in it is safe and no one has the access to read them other than the ones who have the permit.

To get your data encrypted, be sure to hire an expert team to avoid the complexities of the process and to guarantee high satisfaction.

Use of cookies

You must focus on the use of cookies as well. This is because cookies are of great importance to businesses and you should make the best use from them guaranteeing that it is safe. It is always best that you don’t store sensitive or critical information in the form of cookies and that you set ideal expiration dates to them as well. Furthermore, you must focus on the encryption of the information that helps you with the storage of cookies.

Some suggestions

There are some things that you can do to guarantee that your web site or web applications have the best security. Some of them are to direct traffic from HTTP to HTTPS, have a content security policy to your website, set regulations on how to set strong passwords, etc.



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