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Picture this: you are overseeing the progress of an event you are managing, a carnival, a music festival or a family reunion of 500 people. Or perhaps you are supervising the construction of your new residence or an establishment you will soon use for business. You are situated in only a makeshift tent vulnerable to all the elements. You could not decide on which colour to use for the walls, Tuscan gold or lemon yellow because you feel the overbearing warmth of the sun and the sweat trickling your back. You forgot which stalls go where because your master plan was damaged by the earlier drizzle. All this would not have happened if you have a temporary office set up in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

Setting up (and dismantling) a temporary office in the middle of nowhere is now as easy as 1, 2, 3. For your convenience, consider getting one when the need arises.

It Is Time-Saving

Having portable site offices at the venue of the event you are handling is time-saving because,at the end of the day, you would not have to haul all plans, samples from suppliers, and electronic gadgets, which you will use again the next day.These also take little time to set up and could be transported anywhere. If there are any problems that need your urgent attention, or a decision should be made immediately, it will be easier for you to resolve it as well since you are already on site. Changes discussed during meetings with contractors and suppliers could also be implemented easily since everyone involved is already at the site.

It Is Mobile

When planning an event or when constructing a new establishment, oversights for measurements of land area is unavoidable. Good thing your temporary office is movable to give way to additional kiosks or portable toilets your event will need or for the installation of wheelchair friendly ramp for your new supermarket.

It Is Durable

Site offices are prone to damage and ruins being in the centre of construction. Having a sturdy portable office could keep all blueprints, layouts and other important documents protected. Tools and other expensive equipment are also safeguarded from being accidentally impaired when not in use. Being hit by falling debris could also be avoided since portable offices meet building and safety codes.

It Is Customizable and Secured

Your temporary site office is an extension of your real office and you could design it according to your needs. Fixtures like desks, cabinets and shelves could be arranged to how you want it. These portable offices are also secure since door locks and grilled windows are installed. Fire extinguishers are also at hand.

It Is a Solution to Your Extra Space/Storage Needs

If a client suddenly demands additional works, you could easily rent another mobile office to accommodate your extra manpower. Your onsite workers will also increase their productivity having ample space to work in within the vicinity of the project.

Individual projects and events all have various requirements. When renting a site office, it is advisable to consider the equipment, fixtures and tools that will be used on site and the number of manpower that will use the offices, not to mention sanitation facilities to successfully complete each venture.

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